A guided children's health course for parents. Integrating naturopathic + Chinese medicine for naturally supporting kids health.

This course is written by Sandi Ross - who has 14 years of clinical experience working with children's, a master's degree in Chinese medicine, a former university lecturer on paediatrics medicine for four years, and is a mum of two.


A self-paced course covering all things to optimize your children's health and happiness.

We cover from birth, breastfeeding, introducing solids, children's nutrition, digestion, how and what to eat, Eastern medicine meet naturopathic medicine, practical tools, videos, downloads, and printables to support all things from newborns to older children

Food as Medicine

Sandi Ross has over a decade internationally and in Australia working with children and provides current information on core nutrients, fad diets, and traditional support through food for kids

Fussy Eaters Support

As a mother of two, Sandi understands the care needed to help the growth and well-being of our beautiful kids. Tips on supporting children's eating patterns are a big part of the course

Gentle Support

Being qualified in both Naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine, and teaching at university since 2016. Sandi has created Bloom Children's Health, with practical tips, traditional knowledge, and current evidence in the field

Bloom Children's Health

created to help our little one's bloom

The course is made up of six modules, with each module containing lectures inside - that you can work through as fast as you like. Modules consist of videos, links to talks, download-ables for your fridge, and many handouts

Modules are:

Introducing and the First Year of Life

Postpartum Health + Nourishing the Mother

Introducing Solids + Coming off Formula

Gut Health + Healthy Eating Habits

Nutrition + Immunity

Fussy Eaters

Chinese Medicine for Kids

Common Health Complaints

With more content being updated continuously